00214 AK BLACK, L159cm, R10m Handmade masterpiece from Switzerland

00214 AK BLACK,  L159cm, R10m Handmade masterpiece from Switzerland
Producător: AK.
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In 1996, Aldo Kuonen, the former head of Rossignol Racing, founded the AK ski company. Kuonen's target is achieving a combination of technological excellence and a shared passion for skiing. He wants to bring together enthusiastic skiers from all over the world and the skis make that connection. As a result of his passion, Kuonen creates the AK skis. Only a select few dealers are allowed to sell AK products. The goal is quality, not quantity. Only about 2,000 pairs of skis are produced each year.

AK are skis made by hand in Switzerland, with a special feel, wood core, Titanal sandwich construction and special Elastac top cover.

AK Black - 100% uncompromising slalom, over which the skier is unlikely to lose control. The Black model is great for sharp turns in hard snow and remains stable even at high speeds. The soft center and balanced bending allow the skier to bend, cut and change the arc exactly as he or she wants. BLACK is as flexible as its owner and will never disappoint you.


Length                  159cm;

Radius                  10m;

Geometry             124.5mm - 69m - 108.5mm;

Construction          Sandwich Construction

Elastac - a rubber base material that absorbs vibrations, makes skis stable and relieves joint fatigue during prolonged riding. 

Sandwich Construction - A special method of bonding the layers, in a sandwich construction, in a humid environment. Different materials such as wood, steel, glass laminate, carbon, polyethylene, etc. are combined. The method creates different specific points on each ski, which allows you to adjust the hardness according to your needs.

Core - The main core material is produced directly in Switzerland from vertically laminated wood slats. Unlike the foam core, the sandwich core has dynamic mechanical properties. The production of such material is expensive as it requires precise selection and drying of the material. The unique core of AK skis ensures their traction, durability and ice performance.

Base - An ultrahigh molecular density race slide was used to optimize the sliding properties.

Bindings                SALOMON 12, аdjustable to any ski boot sizes;

Terrain                  Piste; 

Edges                   85 - 90% Thickness of the edges;

Surfaces               polished.

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