00122 Original BOMBER SL, L158cm, R11m - 2020

00122 Original BOMBER SL, L158cm, R11m - 2020
Producător: BOMBER
Cod produs: Bomber SL
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Fără TVA: 410,00€
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Bomber SL - handmade skis, designed with the help of the BOMBER ambassador  Bode Miler. Bomber skis are a result of years of experience, countless tests in all kinds of snow conditions, excellence and uncompromising passion. Developed with the requirements of perfection, from the best materials, they provide perfect bends, a symbiosis between harmonious riding and unique diving. Bomber is the future of alpine skiing and the next level of your personal skills. These are high-tech skis designed to allow discerning skiers to reach their full potential.

lungime                      158cm;

raza                            11m;

dimensions                 117mm - 66mm - 101mm;

Construction               Titanal Sandwich Construction, Full Aspen and Poplar Wood Core;  

Legături                     BOMBER 311, automatele de schi sunt portivite 

                                    pentru oarecare dimensiune de bocanci de schi;   

nivel                             avansati, mediu;

canturi                         85 - 90% grosimea , ascuţite;

suprafeţe                     ceruite.

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